2017 has undoubtedly been the year of video content marketing. Now we’re in 2018, video is set to continue prospering.

What will the trends be? And is it important to pay attention to them in 2018? How involved your company is in marketing and advertising will depend on this. But as 87% of online marketers use video content in their marketing, you can’t afford to be missing the trends.

Here are the 3 video marketing trends set for 2018:


Over the last couple of years, the interest in, and usage of live video has grown rapidly. One-fifth of Facebook’s videos now account for livestreams. Broadcasting is increasingly popular and brands have embraced the medium to connect and interact with viewers in real time. 

Branded Content

The number of branded and sponsored content has risen significantly. Companies have increasingly turned to sponsored/branded video as a means of getting their message across to viewers. Branded video content, if done right, can prove authentic and an effective way of reaching audiences to build a loyal following.

Video Advertising

Video advertising has faced a lot of difficulties in the past. Ad blockers have prevented adverts from being played, some platforms/websites aren’t able to provide the viewability standards advertisers want, and ad fraud has been a significant problem. Despite all of the problems above however, the advancements and solutions in advertising will mean that we’ll be seeing a lot more improved video ads in 2018.

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