The Government has released its first White Paper on schooling for 6 years. With the title ‘Opportunity for All’ it sets out plans to make sure every child can reach the full height of their potential.


2 of the key headlines from the white paper are:

the aim for 90% of Primary School children to achieve the expected standard in Key Stage 2 reading, writing and maths by 2030

the aim for the national average GCSE grade in both English language and Maths to increase from 4.5 in 2019 to 5 by 2030.

Some of the measures proposed to enable these 2 key targets to be hit include:

  • Schools offering a minimum school week of 32.5 hours by Sept 2023
  • All schools to receive an Ofsted inspection by 2025
  • All schools to become a member of an Academy Trust by 2030

Other plans in the white paper include increasing the starting salary of teachers to £30,000 p.a. to attract and retain the best new teachers, offering 500,000 teacher training and development opportunities and offering up to 6 million tutoring courses by 2024 to cement tuition as a permanent feature of the school system.

To read more visit the government education page here


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