Social media has now become the first port-of-call for people looking for information; whether it’s restaurant recommendations or you’re on the hunt for a new job, social media is a key player for when it comes to looking for new employees and for teachers searching for vacancies.

Using social media to it’s full potential will help attract the best teaching talent to your school. It is also ideal for reaching people that may not be looking for their next step just now but your activity will keep you on their radar.

As a school you need to portray the right message for your target audience so getting it right is imperative.

Stay on brand

Set clear guidelines from the start on how you want your social media to look, the type of posts you want to share and the messages you want to get across. Stay consistent and your audience will build organically as people get used to seeing your posts.

Promote new vacancies

Promote your latest vacancies on social media. Not only do parents like to be kept in the loop with changes to the schools structure but it helps to spread the message as wide as possible. Ask yourself what you would like to see if you were looking for a school to work in or what questions you would have, and answer them in your posts.

Use positive teacher testimonials

Success stories always attract a big audience; ask your teachers to share their individual stories and what they love about teaching in your school.

Share the school’s achievements and promote strengths

We all want to work in a happy, positive environment that has room for progression and will provide job satisfaction. Don’t be scared to shout your achievements from the roof top. Show potential new employees the benefits of working in your school; allow them to picture themselves fitting into the team and above all be proud of what your school has achieved.

Keep it simple

A long complicated post with too much information will most likely be scrolled past, so keep it short and sweet with a link to more information. Use high quality relevant images to captivate your audience and leave them wanting to hear more. An increase in engagement will increase the reach of your post.

Following these simple steps will ensure your social media becomes a powerful recruitment tool.